Seconds Lolly Bag

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Pickup currently unavailable at Pik n Mix Lollies


Every bag of lollies we open will always have a small percentage of ugly or damaged units. These are still super tasty but are not up to the quality we would expect to sell on our website.

We don't throw them away, we pack them into a mystery mix bag and offer them to you! Each bag is different. Some have gummy, sugared or even chocolate all mixed in one bag. Some bags may have 1 product line only.

All Seconds Lolly Bag products are safe to eat, they are only damaged, discoloured or disfigured. Items that are not safe to eat are disposed of entirely.

Occasionally, we may have product that has passed its best before date within the Seconds Lolly Bag. These will have their original best before date labelled onto the bag.

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