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Everyone loves lollies!

The most versatile marketing tool in the world... lollies! Send them out with customer orders, give them to potential clients or use them to say thanks to your supporters.
The possibilities are endless!
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Customise the lollies!

We can put any number of lollies in each bag. Work in travel? Jet planes! Grow vegetables? Gummy Carrots! We have over 400 lollies to choose from.

Big or small?

We can pack each bag to a size that suits your purpose or budget. Our most common sizes are 25g, 50g, 75g and 100g. We pack all the way up to 1kg bags!

Get your brand out there!

All of our bags can be branded with full colour printed stickers. Square, rectangle, circle or oval, we custom print all stickers to suit your brand guidelines.

Match your brand colours!

If you can't find a lolly that suits your brand, let us make a colour mix to suit!

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