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Our fundraising process works for everyone!

Our initiative is perfect for large groups as well as single fundraising participants.

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Sign up to our fundraising initiative below. We will ask a few questions about what you are fundraising for.

Once we've reviewed your application we'll send you through all of the relevant files you need to begin selling.


We have put together a collection of our favourite lolly mixes to sell to your supporters, friends and family.

For every bag of lollies sold, a percentage is retained for your fundraising efforts.


Consolidate all of your orders and send them through to us. We'll invoice you for the cost of the product only. Once paid, your order will be packed and despatched.

Then distribute the lollies to your happy customers!

What are you selling?

500g + 1kg Bags

We have a selection of our favourite lolly mixes on offer in 2 sized bags, 500g and 1kg. With a wide range of mixes to cater to all tastes, there is something for everyone!

Get your participants to market and sell these mixes to friends, family, colleagues..anyone and everyone!

The more bags sold, the more funds raised for your cause.

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A closer look at whats on offer...

7 Different Mixes

*These mixes can change on occasion depending on product availability.

Gummy Mix

Sweet n Sour Mix

Great Kiwi Mix

Sour Fruits Mix

Maycey's Mega Mix

Lolly Scramble

Jellybean Party Bag - Pik n Mix Lollies NZ

Jellybean Mix

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of the most commonly asked questions about our fundraising. If you still have a question or query, feel free to contact us directly.

We will update these FAQ's regularly as more questions are asked by participating organisations.