How do we pack your loose lollies?

When you checkout from our store, you have the option to choose how you would like your loose lollies packed. Mixed combos, packaged items and freeze dried candy are all packed separately. 

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All of your lollies will be mixed together and put into a bag. Depending on the quantity of each lolly type they may be split into their own bag e.g. a bag of mixed gummies and a bag of mixed sours.

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Your order is packed into a bag in layers. Sugared lollies are always on the bottom of the bag to prevent any sugar coating the gummy lollies.

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Grouped By Type

All lollies will be separated into their respective lolly types. e.g. foams in one bag, gummies in another.

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Separate Bags

All chosen lollies will be bagged individually. If you select 2 x 100g of a lolly, these will be despatched in 2 x 100g bags. The option is intended for retail customers.

If you are looking for commercial quantities of small bags please contact us for a quote.

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No Preference

Our team will pack your order as they see best. Their aim is to keep the lollies fresh and damage free while on their way to you.

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Custom Requests

Want your order packed a certain way? Leave a packing note when you order. We'll always try to fulfil every request to the best of our ability but can't guarantee this every time.

Packing FAQ's