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Sour Pythons


Like a sour snake only longer! These Pythons measure over 30cm in length, with a rich colour and flavour too, coated in sour sugar. Also available as Gummy Pythons.

Each Python weights approximately 55g each. You will receive 2 entire Pythons per 100g.

May contain Dairy, Soy, Gluten or Nuts

Nutritional Information
Serving size: 100g

Energy                      1510kJ     
Carbohydrates            81.8g
Sugars                       56.9g     
Protein                       5.1g     
Total Fat                     1.0g
Sodium                      15mg

Ingredients: Sugar, Maltose syrup, Water, Gelatine, Modified corn starch (1401), Humectant (420), Apple juice concentrate, Acidity regulators (330, 334, 296, 297), Thickener (414), Flavours (903), Colours (102, 110, 129, 133)