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Mini's Candy Box


All things MINI in our range make up our Mini's Candy Box.

One for the little kids.

Each box contains -

- 200g bag of Mini Gummy Mix

- 200g bag of Mini Sweet n Sour Mix

- Mini Trolli Burger

- Mini Freddo Frog Bar

- Mini Trolli Hot Dog

- Mini Trolli Pizza

- Sherbert Bottle

- Spaceman Candy Sticks

- Mini Marshmallow Rainbow Twist

- Warheads Extreme Sour Mini's

- Mini Laffy Taffy Bars (2)

- Nerds Mini Boxes (6)

- Warheads Sour Cubes bag

- Mini Fizzers (5)

- Canel's Mini Chewing Gum (10)

Photo is an example only. Flavours may vary from actual photo.