Bag of Whoopsies

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We are constantly testing new products to see if they work. Some do, some don't. Some need longer in the Freeze Dryer, some have been in too long! We do so much testing that we have a whole heap of product that left over that is still super tasty but not exactly the final quality we are after.

A Bag of Whoopsies may contain Freeze Dried product that are not fully freeze dried so may be a bit chewy/gummy. Some items might be too Freeze Dried and be crumbly and brittle. Some bags may be filled with products we've tested but didn't like the finished version of so have not to proceed with full scale batches (even though they are still tasty). Some may be super crunchy, some may be super soft. Some products may be 100% perfect but because there is not enough stock in the country we are not proceeding with that product line.

This bag may contain any number of products, all of which will still be tasty.

Please note
Freeze-dried candy is imperfectly perfect! All products are fragile and brittle. We do our best to ensure safe transit to you. However, our freeze-dried products will arrive with a small amount of candy crumbs/dust in each packet. Don't waste this powder! It is the perfect topping for your favourite dessert.

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