Become an Ambassador!

We've tried to keep our ambassador program as easy as possible. There's 2 ways to earn commission from a sale: An ambassador link OR a discount code.

Earn paid commission

for all new customers who you refer to Pik n Mix Lollies.

Cash or Candy!

Choose to have your commision paid directly to you via Paypal or in a higher value as Pik n Mix store credit!

Extra bonuses

There are cash bonuses available for a variety of weekly targets

Ambassador Hub

Keep track of all your referrals in your own personal dashboard

How it works

The signup process is quick and easy. You'll be up and running in no time!

Step 1:

Sign Up 

Sign up for our ambassador program by clicking the link below.

Step 3:

Earn commission

Once an order comes through from your link or discount code, we'll attribute that conversion to you!

Step 2:

Share your link or discount code

Share via your socials, website or in person to promote our online store.

Who doesnt love lollies?

Lollies are a pretty easy product to promote. Word of mouth is our most effective source of marketing. We're hoping you might help us! 


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